Year 8 Girls

cara‘A Great Game of Netball’

On Tuesday 19th January our Year 8 girls were a force to be reckoned with after a heated netball game against the opposing school:  Holy Trinity with 6-6 draw it is obvious that the teams are extremely talented and show a passion for the game

After interviewing the energetic netballers it is prominently stated that Erin Harvey was particularly a spirited, character portraying perseverance in order to secure a spectacular goal.  Sakina Gharda (the elected captain) commented that their 5th goal by Erin was amazing. Erin scored one from a far distance with a clear shot.  The layup was good because we intercepted the defenders and did many passes!  But, without the determination of the team the goal wouldn’t have been possible.  This goal was incredible as it was incredible as it was scored at the last minute!

Although we are extremely proud of our school, our players stated that Holy Trinity were successful at defending while Stockland Green were successful at attacking

Overall this was a brilliant match from both schools, including energy, perseverance and determination.   Another factor that proves that with determination and confidence you can succeed at whatever you attempt.

Well done to Amani (center) Erin (goal attacker), Tia (wing attack), Khalisa and Mariam (wing defence) Sakina (captain and goal shooter), Cody (goal defence) and Anastasia (the goal keeper).

We look forward to your next match and are excited to see more victories


Cara Long

Year 8

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