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Leadership Group

  • Attendance & punctuality
  • Behaviour for Learning
  • Alternative provision
  • Pastoral Leaders
  • Disadvantaged Action Plan / Safeguarding
  • Curriculum research & development
  • Timetable/Cover
  • Options process
  • Alternative provision
  • EVC
  • English/ Maths
  • Literacy (Library)
  • Staff Wellbeing
  • T&L/ Assessment
  • Appraisal- T&L QA
  • CaPA/ Technology/ PE
  • Staff Wellbeing
  • Independent learning
  • Parents evenings / Parent View
  • Transition
  • House Leaders
  • Tutoring/ Citizenship
  • RRSA
  • Enrichment Leaders
  • Parental engagement
  • Parents evenings

Staff Listing

Teaching Staff


Mr P. McCarthy Head of English
Mrs C. Mparutsa Second in English
Miss N. Ryan Second in English
Miss R. Ali Teacher of English – House Leader
Miss A. Chitnis Teacher of English
Mr S. Crawford Teacher of English
Ms E. Williams Teach First – Teacher of English


Mrs E. Javaheri Head of Maths
Mr T. Alley Lead Practitioner of Maths
Mr I. Rehim Strategic Leader of Maths (KS3)
Mr S. Alorwu-Dogbe Strategic Leader of Maths
Miss N. Avery Teacher of Maths
Mrs J. Overs Teacher of Maths
Miss J. Hughes Teacher of Maths
Miss B. Griffiths Teacher of Maths


Miss S. Windebank Head of Science
Mrs S. Vickrage Leader of Learning for Science
Mr T.  Surridge Leader within Science
Mr S. Rimmer Leader within Science
Ms R. Vuong Teacher First – Teacher of Science
Miss J. Cooper Teacher of Science


Creative & Performing Arts / PE
Mrs K. Lee Head of Creative & Performing Arts
Mr P. Bromley Head Of PE
Miss K. Hall Teacher of PE – Enrichment Leader
Mr J. Sargent Teacher of PE – House Leader
Mrs H Gubbins Teacher of PE
Miss G. Cheema Teacher of PE
Mrs L. Kennedy-Wale Teacher of Art
Mrs A Hollis Teacher of Music
Miss L. Skeldon Teacher of Music


Miss C Vernon Head of Humanities
Miss J. Johnson Teacher of History
Mr D. Campbell Teacher of Humanities
Miss B. Griffiths Teacher of Geography/Maths
Miss E. Badham Teacher of Geography


Miss C. Reid Head of Technology
Mrs C. Barrington Teacher of Food/Textiles
Miss L. Laband Teacher of Computing – Enrichment Leader
Miss L. Morgan Teacher of Technology/Maths


Mrs H Bourne Head of Modern Foreign Languages
Miss F Clough Teacher of French

 Support Team



Pastoral Team
Mr S. Birch Pastoral Leader
Mrs C. Harding Pastoral Leader – House Leader
Mrs R. Kalia Pastoral Leader
Miss S. Roberts Pastoral Leader
Miss L. Wootton Pastoral Leader – DSL
Miss S. Wootton Pastoral Leader
Miss J. Samuels Senior Family Support Worker – DSL
Miss M. Nichols Attendance Officer
Believe 2 Achieve
Mrs J. Sims B2A Manager
Miss O. Morgan B2A Support Officer
Mrs M. Shakespeare B2A Support Officer
Mrs L. Gatford SENCO
Mrs C. Swann Teaching Assistant
Ms D. Bird Teaching Assistant
Ms G. Bansal Teaching Assistant
Mrs K. Hamblin Lead AS Practitioner
Mrs S. Haynes Teaching Assistant – Enrichment Leader
Mr O. Donaldson Teaching Assistant
Mrs J. Yates Lead AS Practitioner
Mrs Z. McCallion-Bowen Teaching Assistant
Miss M. Moloney Intervention Assistant
Mrs R. O’Grady Administration Assistant
Mrs S. Homer Finance Manager
Mrs J Grewell Finance Officer
Mrs G. Blackhurst Senior Office Manager
Mrs J. Varley Headteacher’s PA
Miss N. Shahen Administrative Assistant
Mrs S. Begum Administrative Assistant
Mrs J. Blackburn Reprographics & Media Technician
Mrs J. Gillon Receptionist
Data / Exam
Mrs S. Nicholas Exams Officer
Miss L. Payne Data/Exams Assistant
Mrs S. Welty Science Technician
Mrs M. Redfern Art & Food Technician
Mr R. Foster Technology Technician