Daniel Caines Sky Sports Living for Sport visit

This week we had another successful visit from former indoor world champion and Olympic finalist Daniel Caines. Daniel came to spend some time working with some of our Year 8 students as part of the Sky Sports Living for Sport project which aims to boost confidence, change behaviors, increase attainment and improve life skills.
The former indoor world champion spent the morning mentoring the students who were part of the project, they all learned key skills such as mental toughness, people skills, sports and life knowledge as well as the ability to plan for success.

“The guys today were fantastic and today’s focus was on learning about the sky sports 6 keys to success! They showed that they can achieve whatever their hearts desire as they ALL have the 6 keys in abundance.”

Daniel Caines.

Corben Year 8

Today we met Daniel Caines, at first we listened to the story of how he became an athlete and how he came 1st in the world championship. He also told us about the sky sports 6 steps to success.

1. Mental toughness  2. Hunger to achieve 3. People skills  

4. Life knowledge 5. Breaking barriers  6. Planning for success 
We all then went into the Sports Hall to play some fun games.  We began with mind strength by doing some wall planks. We had to stay for 90 seconds and everyone did this!
Our next game was a test of reflexes, we stood with a cone, in between the two of us, that we had to grab as fast as we could. In the final was Tyler and me and I just about managed to win. The third game was one of the best because it was a test of fitness. You had to run and grab a tennis ball and get back to your team without being tagged by the opposing team! My team came 3rd because we made some silly mistakes. Our 4th game was the funniest because we had to stand on a bench and put ourselves in to order like height and how many people lived in our house and Bonga just picked us all up and moved us into position this made everyone laugh.

We also played a game with the Mo Farrah M bot move, we almost
beat the record with 3.3 seconds.

I really enjoyed today as i got to met a very inspirational person and he gave us confidence to achieve our dreams and goals. I want him to come back and do it again but longer next time #bestdayever

Madison Year 8

Today was fun with Daniel Caines. I enjoyed when Daniel told us about when he was a child he was terrible at sport and would always lose but his parents told him to try and eat in the morning and sleep more. This worked and he quickly became the best.

Another thing I enjoyed was when we went back to the PE hall and played a few games. My favorite was when we had to run into the centre and try and get the tennis ball. My other favorite was the Mo Farrah game. Keaton and me were the leaders but it was teamwork that helped us.

I would be very happy to have Daniel Caines back!

Tiawana Year 8

My name is Tiawana and whilst doing various activities with Daniel Caines he taught me lots of things. I had learned that before going into a game have a GAME PLAN.  David told us about mental toughness, people skills, knowledge and planning for success…. This helped me to understand the things that will help me to succeed life. I enjoyed the activities and oi learned that you could make something big out of something little.  I would love the opportunity to do this all over again!

Stephen Year 8
Today I have had a very great day with Daniel Caines, he taught us how to encourage and cheer on our teammates and friends. He also made us realise that we should never give up and he showed what will happen if you keep trying .
He also talked about his life which was really an interesting career. We learned what his family are like and how his mother was really strict but wanted him to do well. 
The best part of the day was all the activities which were really fun, it was nice to get to know him and learn about his life and his family, what his life was like and how he got where he is today, its great to have met someone like him.
The games we played were fun it was really competitive and everyone wanted to win for their team so they could win each tournament. 

The best part of the day was the activities and the competitiveness! Tyler, Ahmed and myself are all good friends and we all wanted to win. Overall the day was really fun and I hope we could do more things like this, he has taught me how ti be consistent and NEVER give up.

I hope he comes back because today was really fun!
Madison Year 8

The day with Daniel Caines was really fun. I enjoyed the part of the day when he talked about his family and childhood.  We learned that he was very unsuccessful but he tried harder and harder and eventually his hard work paid off.

I also enjoyed playing games in the sports hall, my favorite game was the molo game. I would be delighted to have Daniel back for another amazing day!

Sophie Year 8
I thought that today was great! we learned a lot about how Daniel achieved his dreams and that we can achieve ours as well!! I enjoyed all of the activities as they allowed us to show what we can do, everyone was really competitive. This was really good because it showed how much everyone cared and enjoyed all of the activities.
I thought that Daniel Caines was really kind and helpful and showed us how to improve. 
“Sport helps people think, helps people listen, helps people to speak up and helps people work together. Different sports inspire different people but one thing is true: there’s a sport for everyone and it can change your life. We’re using sport stars and sport skills to improve the lives of thousands of young people”
Sky Sports Living for Sport Ambassador
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