Changes to the Pastoral System

Ref: 015-016-0187

5th May 2016


Dear Parent / Carer,

Following panel meetings with parents and students and unanimous support from the Governing Body, we have taken the decision to change the structure of our pastoral system.  From September 2016 we will have a structure with:

  • Three Houses, each overseen by two House Leaders (so each House Leader will work with 125 students rather than the larger Year Groups of 150 in the current structure);
  • A team of Pastoral Leaders specialising in key areas to support students across different year groups.

The role of the House Leader will be to lead a team of tutors whilst also monitoring, evaluating and supporting student progress in order to raise achievement and attainment. At each year group data capture point, they will have 25 students to intensively focus on,  ensuring additional support and intervention is targeted where required. In addition, they will liaise with parents over curriculum provision, providing information on targets and progress.

Pastoral Leaders, who include our current Heads of Year, will have key areas of focus within the wider Pastoral Team. This team supports the work of the school in a range of areas, including attendance and punctuality, academic and behaviour mentoring, liaison with external agencies and signposting services, primary and post 16 transition and community links. The aim of the team is to ensure your child can call on specialist support from the member of the team best qualified to meet their needs.

House Enrichment Leaders will support through the creation of House and wider extra-curricular activities, which they will strategically monitor to evaluate student participation and ensure equality of opportunity.

Form Tutors will remain as the key member of staff for students on a daily basis. Your child may also develop close links in school with their House Leader and Pastoral Leaders depending on the particular support that is required.

We feel that these are exciting times at Stockland Green School, with the opportunity to further support our students to be successful in their school lives and beyond.

As always, your support is appreciated and valued.


Yours faithfully

Mrs M. George

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