Ofsted 2015
Attendance is above national average and is improving”

Attendance – Four year comparison
All Students School 2013/14 School 2014/15 Easter 2016 Easter 2017 *National Average
 Attendance  95.0% 95.4% 95.4% 95.1% 95%
Disadvantaged 93.9% 94.2% 94.4% 94.0% 92.8%
Other 96.4% 96.7% 96.4% 96.2% 95.9%
GAP 2.5% 2.5% 2.0 2.2% 3.1%
Persistent Abscence – Four year comparison
School 2013/14 School 2014/15 **Easter 2016 Easter 2017 *National Average
 All 5.8% 5.0% 9.6% 10.8% 12.4%
Disadvantaged 8.9% 7.3% 12.7% 13.5% 21.6%
Other 2.4% 2.3% 6.3% 7.7% 8.3%
GAP 6.5% 5.0% 6.4% 5.8% 13.3%
** Based on the new 15% threshold.

General Information

  • On the first day of absence, parents/carers should contact the school by 9AM and let us know the reason for the student not being in school, otherwise parents/carers will be notified.
  • When returning to school from an absence, students should bring a note to explain why they were away and this should be given to the Attendance Officer.
  • If it is known in advance that a student is going to be away, a letter should be given to the Attendance Officer giving the reason for and details of the absence.
  • Poor attendance will be investigated. Our Attendance Officer shall refer any poor attenders to the Local Authority.
  • If students have any problems, they should talk to someone first, Form Tutors, Pastoral Leaders, or Heads of House, for instance.



Students should always arrive for lessons on time. If they do arrive late for school, students must make sure that they are marked present as follows:

  • At 8:48 AM, go to Lesson 1 for their mark.
  • After 8:48 AM, report to the Reception to get a late mark.
  • Students should bring a note from parents/carers to explain why they are late, e.g. dental appointment, doctor’s appointment, etc.


Late Policy

Stockland Green School operates a strict policy on students being late. If students are not in school, on time, they will not be learning. It is the students’ responsibility to be in school on time. If students are late they will automatically receive a detention on the same day.