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Humanities is about people: how people create the world they live in; how the world they live in makes them the people they are.

Humanities education recognises and explicitly acknowledges the human basis of learning experience: it focuses on the human dimension of the curriculum, that area which deals with people and their interaction with their environment, in its historical, geographical, cultural, social, moral and spiritual dimensions. It is concerned with process more than product.

Humanities subjects explore and examine issues important to human societies.  The Humanities subjects are about how people of different cultures and societies relate to each other and the world in which we live, now and in the past, providing a means by which students can apply their direct experience of the world around them and extend their understanding of it in personal, local, national and global contexts.  They aim to foster an understanding of ways in which cultural, economic, environmental, geographical, historical, moral, political, religious, social and spiritual factors have interacted to shape the world in which we live today.  They investigate how choices, decisions and judgements are made at individual, family, community, national and global levels.  They encourage an understanding of the nature and quality of life in a multi-cultural society and an appreciation of the diversity of values and beliefs.  In doing so they investigate issues using different media and methods, analysing and interpreting information critically, forming and communicating reasoned judgements based on evidence.  They will value an exploration of culture and ideas from the widest sources including literature.  Creativity will be nurtured and critical sophistication developed, whilst instilling confidence in the means of expression.  The skills and understanding nurtured on Humanities can equip young people to play on active well informed role in the community, and prepare them for further education in the world of work in a rich range of fields.

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