At Stockland Green School we believe that every student has the potential to succeed and achieve. Education is not only a right but the greatest gift a child can receive to fulfill their potential throughout their school career and long into their adult lives. As a school we continue to strive for excellence and to provide an education for our students which empowers them to make enriching life choices.

Our independent learning provision (ILT) aims to support students’ life chances in a number of ways:

  • Supporting students’ access to the new developments of a knowledge based curriculum.
  • Ensuring students have access to the knowledge they need to achieve at assessment from year 7 through to GCSE.
  • Equip our students in the art of acquiring and retaining knowledge.
  • Developing the whole child by fostering skills in independence, organisation, resilience.
  • Providing learning opportunities which are rigorous, enriching and challenging for all students.
  • Aiding post 16 opportunities


Knowledge Organisers- The Rational

Knowledge organisers are a one stop shop of information which students receive for each topic in each subject. They comprise of the key facts, equations, terminology, definitions etc., which students must commit to long term memory.

By using knowledge organisers, our aim is to ensure every child has access to the learning needed to be successful at every opportunity.

Knowledge is visited and re-visited during lesson time daily, half termly and yearly to support the transfer of information from working to long term memory. The repetition of vital knowledge is essential for students to master this.


Expectations of class teachers

Our teachers:

  • support students by directing them towards the knowledge that needs to be learnt for their next lesson/assessment.
  • Set low stakes, high frequency mini assessments to help knowledge to embed.
  • Support students in the recording of their ILT
  • Provide feedback that supports progress
  • Praises and rewards students for their success and effort
  • Sanction poor quality ILT in line with school policy

Expectations of parents/ carer

‘It takes a village to raise a child’. The role of the parent/carer is vital for a child to progress and achieve. Knowledge organisers empower you as much as your children. You have a detailed access and record of what your child is learning and tools to support them in doing so.

You are able to support your child’s success by:

  • Providing a quiet place to concentrate
  • Supporting the skill of time management and the timely completion of their ILT
  • Making their ILT routine
  • Checking the quality of ILT completed
  • Contacting us where you feel your child needs further support


Expectations of students

  • Follow class teachers instructions when recording ILT
  • Ensure ILT are completed on time
  • Ensure a high quality of ILT completed
  • Ask for support well in advance of ILT being completed
  • Ensure knowledge organisers (booklets for KS3, folders for KS4) are organised and maintained to a high standard
  • Ensure knowledge organisers are out in all lessons and go home each day