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"Students spoken to were positive about their school"


"High levels of challenge were matched to the high ability of many of the students"


"Year 11 students say that "it is much stricter now" and they welcome the improvements in behaviour"


"Students say the academy is better and they enjoy learning now"


"Students were confident that issues would be dealt with by staff"


"Students are taking pride in their work now"


"Students move around the academy calmly and ...patiently"

Welcome from Marie George: Headteacher


Mrs Marie George

Education is the most powerful tool we can use to change the world – Nelson Mandela

Stockland Green School is a place where children are able to grow and develop in an environment based on family values where respect is at the heart. Children are challenged to Aspire to be the very best they can be in all aspects of their life. They are supported to Believe that they can Achieve anything if they work hard and develop the resilience needed to overcome the many challenges that they will face along the way.

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April Message

Mrs R Goode

The first half of the summer term provides camping adventures, a visit to the palace and our first whole school election…

When I reminisce about my own school days I remember my favourite subjects, the teachers that inspired me and the friends that I made, however my fondest memories are those of opportunities outside of the classroom. Vivid images of bright orange tents, over packed rucksacks and bursting blisters bring back some of my favourites!

The challenges and adventures that I faced as part of The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme (DofE) have shaped and inspired my future. The DofE is the world’s leading achievement award for young people, providing a balanced programme of activities that develop the mind, body and soul. When joining SGS I knew our students would relish this opportunity as much as I did, and so began our schools DofE journey. This year we have had 40 Year 9 and Year 10 students sign up to complete their Bronze Award, committing their time to volunteering in our community, developing skills in a hobby or personal interest, improving their physical fitness and dedicating time to planning and training for their expedition. To celebrate the success of the award at SGS, the DofE Manager, Mark Terry, and I have been invited to Buckingham Palace in May. Yes, Buckingham Palace! It’s a rare opportunity to witness young people who have successfully completed their Gold Award celebrate their achievement. We wish our students every success in their new DofE adventure, and hope that in the future they receive invites to the palace to collect their own gold awards.

There is strong evidence that students who are given a wide range of opportunities to develop and practise leadership skills are better prepared for life beyond school. This year has seen the exciting launch of our Aim Higher Challenge Programme, a wide range of opportunities aimed at all students, focused on developing their leadership skills. We are keen to maximise the number of students undertaking roles of responsibility, striving to support them to differentiate between participation and leadership.  Students from across all year groups, following an application and interview process, have been selected for our three student voice groups.

Community Champions support with our transition programmes with local primary schools, as well as supporting local charities and  designing a book bench for our community. The second group are our Teaching and Learning Leaders who provide tours of our school for visitors, provide a student link to subject areas and will be shaping our extra circular programme.  Our 21st Century Leaders are supporting with our new technology, our all-weather pitch, and  contributing to  selecting a new menu in our café and will be ensuring SGS is supporting our wider environment by improving our recycling processes.

As Year 11 face their final term, focused on exam success and post 16 places, opportunities arise for our Year 10 students. We have an exciting House system, consisting of three Houses, each led by Head Students. However this summer we will not only appoint our new Head Students but House Ambassadors to represent each form group, in every year group. This will all happen via The SGS Election, a process linked to the UK Parliamentary System.

Please follow us on Twitter and catch up with our student Press Gang via their webpage to see updates on the initiatives I have mentioned and hear more about the exciting student opportunities on offer.

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