Ofsted - 2017

'Leaders have created an inclusive ethos in the school, in which every pupil is valued'.


"High levels of challenge were matched to the high ability of many of the students"


"Year 11 students say that "it is much stricter now" and they welcome the improvements in behaviour"


"Students say the academy is better and they enjoy learning now"


"Students were confident that issues would be dealt with by staff"


"Students move around the academy calmly and ...patiently"

KS3 students are able to complete their knowledge organiser, the extended learning suggested on their knowledge organisers and their timetabled lesson content for each subject. All KS3 students should have their own hard copy knowledge organiser. To access their timetabled lesson content please follow the steps below:

  1. Click the link below (School Closure Work)
  2. Select the appropriate year group
  3. Select the subject
  4. Browse the work available to locate the lesson
  5. Use the revision strategies to help students commit learning to their long term memory

If you are experiencing any difficulties accessing this information, would like clarification on any of the work set or have any other issues that you would like to contact school about, we have set up House email groups, which will enable parents to access the relevant staff directly, rather than face delays by trying to phone the school.

Please use the appropriate email address below depending on which House your child is in:



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Update 23rd March – Important Exam Information

Important Examinations Information


Update – 19th March – Please read the letter below and send any responses to enquiry@stockgrn.bham.sch.uk

RG Letter to Parents


Welcome from Marie George, Headteacher

Thank you for your interest in Stockland Green School, and a warm welcome from everyone connected with the school.

Stockland Green School is a school where children are able to grow and develop in an environment where we strive to ensure success for all our learners academically, socially and morally. We are a ‘family’ with high standards for all members of our community where respect is at the heart of all that we do.

This is acknowledged by Ofsted who judged Stockland Green to be a Good school in December 2017.

Our children are superb advocates of our school and it was pleasing to see that Ofsted recognised this and identified that:

  • Pupils are courteous, friendly and mature
  • Pupils feel safe at school and are complimentary about the pastoral support they receive when they need it
  • All pupils who spoke with inspectors said that they feel safe in school. Pupils have a secure understanding of how to keep themselves and others safe
  • Pupils use detailed feedback to understand their mistakes, and address misconceptions quickly before they become errors
  • Pupils wear their uniform with pride and look smart. They are proud of their school and look after the school environment
  • Pupils have numerous opportunities to explore leadership positions through the school’s pupil leadership scheme
  • Pupils behave well in lessons and learning time is rarely wasted. Behaviour during social times and in corridors at lesson change-over is calm and orderly


It’s no wonder that we are heavily oversubscribed and that the overwhelming majority of parents who responded to Parent View would recommend the school to other parents.

Our students really do deserve this recognition as I see every day, students who want to achieve their very best in all aspects of school life. They are able to do this as they are ably supported by a staff body who inspire me daily with their commitment and dedication to your children. The staff really do work incredibly hard and I thank them whole heartedly for that. I am extremely proud to be the Headteacher of Stockland Green and proud to be part of such a positive and aspirational school community.

I hope you find this website useful and informative. Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you require any further information about Stockland Green or our extended family of schools, part of the Arthur Terry Learning Partnership (ATLP).


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Updated Performance Tables Information
See attached BBC news report. Stockland Green outperforms local schools. BBC Report

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