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"Students spoken to were positive about their school"


"High levels of challenge were matched to the high ability of many of the students"


"Year 11 students say that "it is much stricter now" and they welcome the improvements in behaviour"


"Students say the academy is better and they enjoy learning now"


"Students were confident that issues would be dealt with by staff"


"Students are taking pride in their work now"


"Students move around the academy calmly and ...patiently"

Welcome from Marie George: Headteacher


Mrs Marie George

Education is the most powerful tool we can use to change the world – Nelson Mandela

Stockland Green School is a place where children are able to grow and develop in an environment based on family values where respect is at the heart. Children are challenged to Aspire to be the very best they can be in all aspects of their life. They are supported to Believe that they can Achieve anything if they work hard and develop the resilience needed to overcome the many challenges that they will face along the way.

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February Message

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” –Anonymous

Mrs Charlotte Gregory - Assistant Headteacher

Mrs C Gregory – Assistant Headteacher

This inspirational quote reminds us all that in life our aim is to give our very best in all that we do. I would imagine that all of us want our loved ones and ourselves to live a fulfilled and rewarding life and ensure that we leave the planet a better place than we found it. To achieve those goals, we all need to give a little of ourselves whether that be time, effort, money or love to ensure we contribute in a small and significant way.

In many ways, these are the key principles behind our vision at Stockland Green School. We are always seeking to improve the educational experiences and opportunities for our students so that they go on to be productive citizens who contribute to both Britain and the world beyond.

Our programme of activities sets out to achieve these goals through a varied schedule throughout the year. This month is no exception. We begin February with the Year 11 Parents’ Evening which is our final parent consultation. The exam season has begun in earnest and there are ample opportunities to develop our Year 11 students and ensure they leave with good qualifications to build on in further education. Similarly, our Year 8 students will be making significant choices about their future education. Since the start of the year, the students have been looking closely at careers and future choices as they will soon embark on their GCSE pathways. A key date for parents and Year 8 students will be Thursday the 25th of February; when our students will be given information about GCSE option subjects and the most appropriate subjects to study.

Each month at Stockland Green School, students are given opportunities to learn and embed appropriate life skills in order to equip them for the future. Our curriculum programme weaves in the necessary skills and life lessons each student needs to foster high aspirations. We equip our students with varied and engaging learning experiences and our regular assessments ensure each student is given the opportunity to achieve to a high standard. Our citizenship and tutorial programme encompasses all of these opportunities so that each student develops core characteristics such as confidence to build their self -esteem and in order to ensure each student believes they can do better. As such they will leave our care believing that with hard work and effort comes abundant joy and rewards for themselves and others. Each student matters and it is our fervent hope that with our relentless pursuit of our core values, our students will leave a positive imprint upon the world in which they live.

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